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2017: Interior Design Color Trends

Interior design color trends come and go. What is popular last year might not be so exciting for homeowners in future years. Just as with any design trend, interior paint colors enjoy periodic popularity. Home designers get their cues from other industries, such as automotive manufacturers, housewares, and even fashion to make predictions on what colors will be popular in any given year. Interior painting is an easy way to improve the look of the home for surprisingly little cost. Homeowners can add a pop of color with some of the hottest tones for 2017.

Color of the Year

Pantone, the world’s leading developer of color technologies for the graphic design industry and for printing, textiles, and plastics manufacturers, nominates a “color of the year” each year. This year’s hot color is called “Greenery” – a sunny spring green that evokes new growth and vibrancy. Green is considered a neutral color, but this particular tone is warmer and more exciting than greens of years past. Greenery is a great choice for accent walls, kitchens, and children’s rooms in the home.

Other Popular Color Choices in Purples and Greys

Shades of purple, blue, and grey seem to be the real prizewinners when it comes to popular colors in 2017.

Along with Pantone, most paint manufacturers unveil their own color choices each year, showcasing the range of tones for home and office applications. One major manufacturer has chosen a color called “Shadow” for their color of the year. This paint color is predominantly grey with a deep, dark purple tone to it. It is a very dramatic color that can work beautifully in smaller spaces, but may be too overwhelming in larger room applications.

Similar to Shadow is “Violet Verbena” from another well-known paint manufacturer. It has the same purplish-grey profile, yet is lighter in tone and can evoke feelings of peace and tranquility when applied as accent walls or to revamp bedrooms and sitting areas.

“Byzantine Blue”, another dramatic purple-grey paint tone, offers homeowners a sense of relaxation. It and a color called “Cloudberry” share similarities with each other, and rank as some of the most popular paint choices for revitalizing an interior space.

Warm Color Choices

Grey paints have been incredibly popular over the past few years, and this year’s exciting new colors are no exception. However, many interior designers are leaning toward warmer tones to add beauty to interiors, particularly living and dining areas. One of the choices this year is called “Poised Taupe”, a medium brown shade that balances perfectly between warm and cool palettes.

With these new paint colors, homeowners have more choice than ever. A new coat of paint is an inexpensive way of breathing new life into tired home interiors.

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