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2017 Spring Outdoor Lighting Ideas

As the warmer months arrive, homeowners across the country are beginning to get their lawns and patio areas spruced up for summertime parties and family gatherings. Among home improvement projects in the outdoors, adding lighting features is a great way to add beauty and safety to the exterior spaces. Low-voltage outdoor lighting doesn’t use a lot of electricity, and energy-efficient LED lighting and solar-powered lighting are even more environmentally friendly. Here’s a look at five hot 2017 spring outdoor lighting ideas for backyards, porches, pools, and more:

String Lights

Among the most affordable of outdoor lighting projects, string lights don’t require expensive installation. Simply string them up over patio tables, hang from trees, or illuminate porch overhangs or pergolas with inexpensive, easy string lights. These lights are available in many bulb shapes and sizes.

Accent Lights

Inflatable outdoor lights can be used to illuminate pools and patios – they are a fun and inexpensive way to add a touch of drama to outdoor spaces around the home. Other accent lighting ideas can be solar-powered path lighting or spots to brighten up specific features around the home.

Landscape Lights

Low-voltage and solar-powered landscape lighting systems are a great way to showcase the beauty of the plants and gardens around the home. These systems can be used to light a path, shine a light on trees, or simply provide general illumination in a planted garden area. Landscape lighting can also deter crime while adding a measure of safety to poorly-lit walkways and outdoor spaces.

Hardscape Lights

In contrast to landscape lighting, hardscape lights are those that add light to patio features and porches. Some homeowners will use them to illuminate patio railings, decorative columns, stone walls, or other exterior features they want to brighten up.  

Staircase Lights

In the outdoors, porch and deck stairways can be unsafe to negotiate in the dark. Adding lights to the stairs both improves safety as well as adding a glamorous look to the exterior spaces of the home. Stair lights can be found in tube or spot configurations and either use low-voltage or solar power to reduce energy costs.

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