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3 Home Sustainability Solutions Financed by PACE and HERO Programs

Solar Panels help home efficiency

Across the country, people are adopting more environmentally-conscious lifestyles. Saving natural resources is a great way to ensure a healthier world, and programs across the United States are rewarding people for their efforts at environmental stewardship.

Many of these ways of saving resources also come with the benefit of saving money. Lowering energy costs in the home or office can save impressive amounts of money every year while they reduce carbon emissions that harm the environment.

PACE and HERO programs have allowed thousands of more homeowners the ability to finance home sustainability projects. 

Sustainability Solutions for Property Owners

There are many sustainability solutions available to property owners. Thanks to programs like the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation, financing energy-efficient home upgrades is more available than ever. Programs like PACE and others like HERO are offered in many U.S. states; they allow cost-effective financing with little or no upfront costs. Some of the energy-saving upgrades these programs help to finance include:

Solar Panel Installations 

Adding solar panels to a property not only lowers energy costs, it’s smart for the environment. Harnessing solar energy from the sun is a sustainable method of stretching natural resources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal- or oil-fired power plants. An added benefit of solar panels is that they may produce more electricity than is needed. Federal laws require power companies to buy back excess energy produced by these solar panel installations, which could earn property owners sizable amounts of money over the life of the panels.

Roofing Upgrades 

A strong roof makes for a safer, more comfortable home. Advanced roofing materials can block heat from affecting interior temperatures, reducing the costs associated with cooling homes or offices. This, in turn, reduces strain on power company infrastructure and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Home Insulation 

By adding insulation to a home or office building, the building remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter with no additional expenditures in energy. In fact, upgrading insulation can save a lot of money in reduced energy costs. Insulation is an inexpensive way to help protect the environment, and PACE can help cover upfront costs associated with this simple upgrade.

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