hero financing tips

Hero Financing Explained

The HERO Program is an ingenious way for property owners to finance energy-efficient home improvement projects. Countless different tasks & projects are covered, from upgrading house insulation to changing windows and doors, A/C systems, and installing photovoltaic panels. Lots of property owners, however, don’t understand how HERO financing works. What is the HERO Program, and […]

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Incorporating Recycled Materials into Your Home Improvement Project

One of the hottest trends in home design is to incorporate recycled and salvaged materials in home projects. Recycled or salvaged materials add timeless character to homes across the country. Sourcing salvaged wood and metal from local demolitions reduces landfill waste and the environmental costs associated with lumber production and transportation. Recycled materials look great; […]

example of tankless water heater

Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

In the quest to save money on utility costs, many homeowners are exploring tankless water heaters as a solution. Under ideal circumstances, tankless water heaters use a fraction of the electricity or natural gas as traditional water heaters. Upgrading to a tankless system may require a significant investment, but the cost savings in utilities may […]

The HERO Program: How it Works and How to Qualify

Homeowners who wish to improve the energy efficiency of their homes have more choices than ever. Innovative products are only part of the equation; creative financing options give homeowners attractive ways of paying for qualifying home improvements. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation opened the door for financing options. In California, Renovate America established the […]

coolwall coatings

Saving Utility Costs with Exterior Coatings: COOLWALL®

It’s a fact of life that homeowners will periodically have to upgrade the exterior coatings of their homes. Painting helps preserve the integrity of the home and offers both aesthetic and protection benefits. Recent technology advances give homeowners more options than ever before. Instead of traditional exterior paint, homeowners may now choose energy-efficient exterior coatings […]

energy efficient windows with drapes

Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows

In the home, windows let in light and provide additional ventilation on days when it is not too hot or too cold. Homeowners who wish to upgrade their homes often start with window replacement projects. Upgrading to energy efficient windows offers a lot of bang for the buck; modern windows eliminate drafts, reduce heating and […]

Siding benefits

Benefits of Home Siding

It’s no secret that home siding impacts the look of a home’s exterior. Fresh new siding makes a home appear inviting and well cared-for, while dirty, dingy, and peeling siding gives a home a run-down appearance. Siding has many important benefits besides visual appeal; siding protects the home from environmental damage and can even add […]

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Raising Your Home Value

When we purchase a new home, most of us dream of the day when our property values rise. Home ownership used to be a logical and safe investment; we could expect that the value of our homes would grow over time. Today’s fickle real estate markets make home purchases a risky bet in many cases, […]

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Green Cleaning Tips

Across the country, homeowners are taking steps to lead healthier, happier, more environmentally-conscious lifestyles. In the home, cleaning products are an area that deserves more scrutiny. Traditional house cleaning products may not only harm the home’s residents, but they may also contribute to environmental damage. Let’s take a look at the “green cleaning” revolution and […]

A Smart Homeowner’s Guide to Summer Home Maintenance

Smart homeowners know that home maintenance is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Many homeowners will establish a monthly schedule of chores so that nothing is forgotten. Doing home maintenance on a monthly basis also means that these tasks can be spaced out over the whole year rather than all at […]