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3 Steps to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Think about your home’s heating and cooling system. You expect it to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. We don’t often think about heating and cooling until there’s a problem. However, we should be aware that we can save money and reduce harmful environmental emissions at the same time. Did you […]

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Home Efficiency and Money Saving Tips

We all love to save money where we can. Reducing monthly expenses means that we can set money aside for the future, such as for retirement. Having more money to spend each month also means that we may be able to indulge in special things, like eating at a nice restaurant, taking a trip, or […]

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Home Renovations to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Across the country, property owners are looking for ways to save money on energy costs. This can mean simple things, like turning off lights in unoccupied rooms or closing the refrigerator door quickly. Many daily actions, whether we are running the air conditioner or driving to and from work, result in a “carbon footprint”. This […]

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What are PACE Programs? – Part Two

In part one of our blog on PACE programs, we discussed what PACE is and how it works for property owners who finance energy-saving improvement projects. There are a variety of private lending organizations that work with cities and states across the country. One of the most influential is known as the HERO Program, providing […]

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How HERO Program Payments Work

The HERO Program is an innovative way for property owners to finance energy-efficient home improvement projects. Many such projects are covered, from upgrading home insulation to replacing doors and windows, HVAC systems, and installing solar panels. Many property owners, however, don’t understand how HERO program payments work. What is the HERO Program, and How Does […]

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What Are PACE Programs? – Part One

The acronym “PACE” has received a lot of attention in news media over the past several years. What, though, are PACE programs? PACE stands for “Property Assessed Clean Energy”. It is a special type of government-sponsored financing for energy-efficient home and commercial building improvement projects and renewable energy installations like: Solar panels Insulation Energy-efficient doors […]