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Choosing the Right Home Garage Door

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Your home garage door will serve several purposes. They provide protection and security for your valuables, and they also add a distinctive look to the exterior of your home. Replacement garage doors can transform your home’s exterior, adding curb appeal while preserving the doors’ primary function of security. Read on for details about how to choose the right garage door material and operating system that is right for your specific home needs.

Common Garage Door Types

There are four major types of garage doors for residential applications. These are:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum

Wood garage doors tend to be the most expensive, but this is the preferred choice of material for custom-made doors that will give your home an incredible look. Wood doors require routine maintenance and sealing, however.

Steel garage doors have a reputation for superior strength over other materials, but cheap ones may not provide the long-lasting looks and security that homeowners desire. For homes located near the ocean, steel is not a great choice, as it is prone to corrosion. Steel garage doors can be finished in a wide range of colors, and there are hundreds of style choices on the market.

Fiberglass garage doors, sometimes referred to as GRP or “glass-reinforced polyester”, offer homeowners the best of both worlds in terms of strength and durability. They are naturally corrosion-resistant, so they are great for coastal homes. Many different finishes can be applied to match or contrast with existing exterior paintwork. Just like steel doors, however, cheap fiberglass doors may be thin and may not provide the protection you desire.

Aluminum garage doors are a popular choice, balancing weight, durability, and corrosion resistance for homes across the country. Cheaper aluminum doors may be prone to denting, so choose thicker gauges of exterior metal for increased durability. Aluminum doors also represent a great way to save money on home improvement costs, as they tend to be less expensive than other door materials.

Opening and Closing Your New Garage Door

Just as with garage doors, there are several different options when it comes to the mechanism that operates the doors. Automatic garage door systems are the most popular, of course, but manual systems still exist. As for the opening and closing mechanism, there are sliding and rolling versions available. Their choice is often dictated by the garage door interior space and clearance; smaller garages require roller systems, while larger enclosures allow the choice of rollers or sliders systems.

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