Most homeowners do not equate energy savings with painting their house, but with LIFEPAINT® COOLLIFE® or TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® Exterior Coating System utility costs can be lowered significantly.  When energy consumption is lessened, the environment is helped and less money is spent cooling a home.

Cost of Painting a Home

A home that is painted with exterior paint will need to be repainted every few years.  The cost over 30 years, after a 5% adjustment for inflation, will cost homeowners almost $100,000 if the home is painted once every 8 years.  However, if environmental conditions are severe, a home might need to be painted sooner.  If a home is painted once every 5 years, the cost over 30 years jumps to over $130,000, and skyrockets to $172,000 if a home is painted every 3 years.

The Science Behind COOLLIFE® and COOLWALL®

The patented COOLLIFE® and COOLWALL® materials are non-toxic and heat reflective.  This exterior coating reflects the sun’s heat away from any exterior wall and back into the atmosphere.  The uniqueness of these products reduces the temperature of an outside wall by up to 40ºF.  This drastic reduction in temperature assists a home in staying cooler without burdening the air conditioning unit, even on the hottest summer days.

In a two-year study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the materials in COOLLIFE® and COOLWALL® were found to reduce the cost of cooling a home by up to 21.9%.  The DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory concluded that an exterior wall finished with COOLWALL® will dramatically cut the amount of energy needed to cool a home resulting in cost savings for homeowners.

Environmental Effects

The long-lasting life cycle of the ProCoating products reduces the need to repaint the exterior of a home every few years which, in turn, reduces the impact on the environment.  When a home’s exterior switches from paint to COOLWALL®, there are several positive effects realized.

  • Power consumption is reduced
  • Utility bills are lowered
  • Power plant emissions are lowered
  • Global warming is reduced

There are many positive reasons to switch from exterior paint to COOLWALL®.  Contact the professionals at ProCoating today to schedule a free estimate.

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