Homeowners who are looking for cost saving improvements for their home’s exterior are drawn to the COOLWALL® patented fade block technology.  When compared to regular exterior paint, COOLWALL® outperforms in performance, heat reflectiveness, and durability.

The sun’s rays can have devastating and destructive effects on a home’s exterior, but COOLWALL’s® heat reflective finish keeps the finish looking fresh and new year after year.  In just 12 short months, an exterior wall painted with paint is noticeably more faded than a wall coated with COOLWALL®.

The COOLWALL® patented and unique Fade Block Technology continuously reflects the infrared heat of the sun keeping colors deep and rich.  The destructive UV radiation emitted from the sun’s rays can lighten dark paint colors in a few short months, but a COOLWALL® exterior color retains is vibrancy for years, even for medium to dark colors.

For those looking for the industry’s strongest fade-resistant coating and a product guaranteed not to fade or peel, the entire line of ProCoating TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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