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Q: Is COOLWALL® a paint?

A: COOLWALL® is a protective coating applied to the exterior of your home, and is 10 times thicker on average than ordinary paint. COOLWALL® doesn’t require reapplication and maintenance associated with house paint.

Q: What are the potential cost savings with COOLWALL®?

A: COOLWALL® has been tested by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to reduce cooling costs by up to 21.9%*. (Percentage savings are based on DOE study which showed savings ranging from 4.2 – 21.9%).

Q: How does COOLWALL® reflect heat without changing color?

A: COOLWALL® has tremendous performance to reflect solar energy, which is comprised of: 43% Visible, 4% Ultraviolet and 53% Infrared (not visible). The ability of COOLWALL® to keep wall surfaces cooler is based on its ability to reflect a much greater percentage of the non-visible portion of the spectrum relatively unaffected.

Q: What is COOLWALL® made of?

A: COOLWALL® is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly coating system that is made with advanced inorganic pigment technology and the highest performance acrylic polymers available.

Q: Is COOLWALL® just for stucco homes?

A: COOLWALL® is suitable for fiber cement, wood, stucco, brick, metal and concrete types of construction.

Q: How much does COOLWALL® cost?

A: The installation of COOLWALL® varies from home to home, depending on square footage, condition of surface, surface type, etc. Request an FREE in-home estimate online to get COOLWALL® pricing for your home

Q: What is the COOLWALL® Warranty?

A: COOLWALL® is warranted not to fade or peel for the lifetime of your home (Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty).

Q: What is the process of applying COOLWALL®?

A: Click here for an overview of COOLWALL’s 11-Step process.

Q: What is the recoat procedure?

1. Recoating should begin with a clean, sound surface.
2. If recoating with the same color, COOLWALL® finish may be applied without a primer.
3. If recoating in a different color, you may require both COOLWALL® primer and finish.

Q: How does the COOLWALL® system compare to coatings claiming to be “ceramic”?

A: The so called “ceramic” coatings actually are ordinary coatings that have had small ceramic spheres added. The premise sounds good, except that the science does not support the claims that are made. Even though these coatings may be applied heavier than ordinary paint, there simply is not enough thickness to effect insulation of any measure. These ceramic coatings have been debunked by the Department of Energy and the Federal Trade Commission and they do not increase reflectivity. View Department of Energy video “Ceramics vs. COOLWALL”.

Q: Does COOLWALL® have an “R” Rating?

A: COOLWALL® does not work by an “insulation” process and thus it does not have an “R value” (R stands for resistance). Instead, COOLWALL® reflects the infrared energy from the sun so that the wall does not get as hot in the first place. This substantially reduces the amount of heat that the fiberglass or other type of insulation needs to keep out. By increasing Solar Reflectivity in the entire color spectrum, COOLWALL® is reducing surface temperatures and cooling costs.

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