What is the HERO Program?

     Here’s a brief introduction to the HERO LOAN PROGRAM

How Hero Works

HERO Financing Program

When California enacted PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, financing in 2007, the state began to see dramatic changes in energy uses. Additional legislation, like the SB77 of 2010, strengthened the state’s reserve fund for residential PACE financing. Today, over $2 billion in energy-efficient home upgrades have been financed through PACE in the state of California. There are twelve different active programs in the state, with the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program from Renovate America being the most successful.

Energy-saving home upgrades like roofing, doors and windows, insulation, and solar panels can be financed through the HERO program. Because California experiences periods of drought, water-saving home upgrades are also covered by the financing program. Southern California homeowners have taken advantage of this unique financing option; over 36,000 homes have slashed their utility costs and energy consumption with home upgrades. With the help of industry-leading HERO financing, California leads the nation in efforts to reduce energy and water consumption.

About the HERO Loan Program

The HERO loan program provides low interest loans to home owners who are looking to add permanently affixed water efficient, renewable energy and/or energy efficient products. The program is an initiative of the Western Riverside Coucil of Governments or WRCOG. The purpose is to stimulate the local economy by creating employment, bring about a reduction in utility costs and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. you do not need to get an energy audit on your home.

Benifits of the HERO financing program

The HERO program has several advantages. Here are a few.

  • Your credit score will not be taken into consideration when approving the loan. So individuals with low credit scores can also get a loan.

  • The payments are fixed, are low and can be spread across 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. This Period depends on how long the product that you install can remain useful.

  • You can repay your loan through property tax assessments.

  • The interest on your loan is tax deductible.*

  • If you decide to sell your property, the balance will transfer to the new owner.**

Qualified Products and Renovations

  • Windows 


  • Roofing

  • eShield™ Radiant Barrier Reflective Attic Insulation

  • Blown-In Attic Insulation

  • Low-E Window Film Installation

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

Who’s Eligible for the HERO Program?

States around the country have chosen to save energy costs with the help of the HERO Program. HERO, or Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, is a financing program that lets homeowners make energy-efficient home upgrades with no upfront costs. This unique financing option for energy-saving home projects has already helped thousands of property owners in California save millions of dollars on their utility bills. California’s PACE program, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, is the largest such program in the United States.
California is leading the way, but other states like Missouri and Florida are joining in on the great energy savings opportunities HERO presents. In the state of California, many regions have already saved millions of dollars and millions of gallons of water:

  • The San Francisco Bay Area, including the East Bay, Sonoma, and Peninsula communities, have had over 4000 homeowners apply for HERO financing. So far, over $179 million in energy bill savings has been realized.
  • On the Central Coast, which includes Ventura, Paso Robles, Salinas, and Morro Bay, 1220 homeowners are saving energy with HERO. They’ve saved 164 million gallons of water and over $33 million in savings on their energy bills.
  • Central California homeowners, totaling nearly 12,000 residences in Stockton, Taft, and communities in the Central Valley, have already saved an incredible $556 million on their energy bills.
  • California’s Desert communities, including Barstow, Yucca Springs, Lancaster, and Yucca Valley, have seen tremendous savings on their energy bills thanks to HERO financing for energy-efficient home upgrades. They’ve saved $1.5 billion dollars so far!
  • In Northern California, nearly 2000 homeowners have enrolled in HERO financing for energy-saving home projects. Northern California residents of Citrus Heights, Mount Shasta, and the Napa Valley have saved 69 million gallons of water and just over $66 million in energy bill savings.
  • Southern California leads the state in HERO participation. Over 36,000 property owners in Temecula, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego communities have enrolled in the HERO Program, saving $1.2 billion in energy costs and 4.5 billion gallons of water.


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