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Home Improvement Tips for the Reseller

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When it comes time to sell a home, many homeowners think they have to do a top-to-bottom remodel to get the most money. While home improvements DO add value to a home in a potential home sale, such extreme measures are not necessary. Here are some great home improvement ideas and tips that add value without breaking the bank.

Tip One: Don’t Get Carried Away

Everyone wants their home to look its best when it goes on the market. Many homeowners frantically add features before the sale and are surprised when all that expense isn’t recovered by the sale itself. The trick here is to balance visual appeal with expense. Adding a room or a custom feature may or may not add value to the sale price. On the other hand, a simple coat of fresh paint can and will attract potential buyers. Your home’s interior and exterior will look great for just a few dollars!

Tip Two: Focus on Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathroom and kitchen updates traditionally add significant value to a home prior to sale. Updated fixtures, freshly tiled surfaces, and improved functionality can boost interest in the home from the perspective of a buyer. And, such improvements can recoup up to 80-90% of the upgrade costs when the home sells. People spend a lot of time in bathrooms and kitchens, which is why these rooms are so important.

Tip Three: Efficiency Upgrades Add Value

Today’s prospective homebuyer is more environmentally aware than buyers of old. Energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and features command a premium on the real estate market. Adding such features to your home not only makes sense from an environmental perspective but can add tremendous value to your home. It is not a surprise to regain the costs of the upgrade, but to actually make some extra money in the process when the home sells.

Tip Four: Sweat the Details

Believe it or not, but small details can actually add value to the home. When you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, focus on the things a home buyer might notice. For example, any items that need repair should be taken care of first. This means doors, windows, holes in the walls, etc.

Taking care of the exterior landscaping can help boost curb appeal as well. Pull weeds from the garden areas, plant some fresh blooming plants, and trim any trees on the property. This goes a long way toward convincing a home buyer that you’ve taken care of your home.

Small features like new kitchen cabinet hardware or a new faucet in the kitchen sink cost only a few dollars and an hour or so of your time to install. These small things add appeal and help get that home sold fast!


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