The ProCoating team expertly prepares, repairs, cleans, paints, coats, and inspects every project with the highest degree of quality for every job.  There are several steps taken to ensure that every painting and coating job is completed with the utmost professionalism and quality with ProCoating’s 8 step process.

Coating Inspection

ProCoating’s expert inspectors carefully check for proper thickness and uniform appearance of the primer before the COOLWALL® coat is applied.


To ensure that all areas are clean of debris, the ProCoating team meticulously removes all masking from the home’s exterior.


After the primer is applied, a smooth or textured finish is applied as a second line of defense against the elements. This finish helps to reflect harmful UV radiation and reflects a majority of the sun’s heat while adding color to a home’s exterior.

Coolwall Clear-Cote Finish

Exclusively available for Costco members, a COOLWALL® clear-cote finish is applied and provides an added level of UV protection, protection from mildew, and resistance from dirt and grime build-up.


After the surface is coated, a specially-formulated and highly-protective trim paint is applied to all trim areas.

Primer Coat

After the exterior is repaired and free of debris and dirt, a thick Coolwall primer coat is applied to provide a protective, armor-like surface to a home’s exterior.


To ensure that areas are not coated with COOLWALL®, such as doors, windows, landscaping and other surfaces are meticulously covered to provide a professional-looking finish to the home’s exterior.

Repairing & Patching

Areas of a home that are deteriorating undergo repair with a specially-formulated patching and bonding material that corrects defects and creates a solid and uniform surface to apply the primer COOLWALL® coat.


To assist in eliminating foundation decay and prevent moisture intrusion after COOLWALL® is applied, ProCoating’s certified applicators create a trench around the home’s perimeter.

Water & Sand Blast

To create a clean canvass and to remove any loose paint, mold, mildew, algae, stains, dirt, or other foreign substrates, the entire exterior is pressure washed.

Initial Inspection

A representative from the ProCoating team inspects all exterior walls for areas that may suffer from deterioration or other issues that will be addressed before the COOLWALL® paint and primer are applied.

All ProCoating COOLWALL® applications are warranted not to fade or peel for the lifetime of the home, so homeowner’s can be assured that all work completed keeps a home looking beautiful.

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