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Living Room Designs for 2017

For 2017, the focus is on affordable, multi-purpose living rooms. Home interior designers and homeowners alike are favoring living rooms for home improvement projects. Families spend the most time in their living rooms, so it makes sense to transform them into inviting spaces that can be used for relaxation, entertainment, and family-friendly events. Here are some living room designs & ideas to think about for 2017.

Planning a Living Room Space

The first step in any home improvement project is to have a plan in place, and living rooms are no exception. Homeowners should sketch out the desired layout of their new living space, including must-have features and amenities to transform the room into a multi-purpose space that works for the family. Creating a plan and sticking to it also helps keep the project on budget – no one likes surprises and hidden expenses when it comes to home improvement projects.

Designing for Multi-purpose Use

Homeowners across the country use living rooms for far more than entertainment these days. Often, a living room serves a double purpose, with workspaces and dining areas incorporated into the new design. Some of the hot trends in designing multi-purpose functionality include:

Built-in bookshelves – adding a wall of built-in shelves allows homeowners to showcase collections of books and other personal items. This can add a library-like feel to the space, and is perfect for quiet reading, school homework, and other daily tasks in the home.

Bar areas – built-in bars come and go as far as home interior trends, but today’s homeowner wants more from a living room space than just a place to watch television with the family. A bar can spice up entertainment possibilities. Inviting guests to enjoy a few cocktails by the fireplace on a cold winter evening or sipping cool tropical drinks on a hot summer day are great ways to bring families and friends together. Some built-in bars include sinks and wine-storage systems for even more versatility.

Workspaces – setting aside an area for work gives a living room another facet for today’s busy homeowner. Adding a built-in desk area with storage shelves and seating can transform a dull living room space into a place where people gather to take care of bills, homework, and telecommuting chores.


Revamping your living room can add value to your home, but it is entirely possible to get carried away in this popular home improvement project. Establish a maximum budget for the project and stick to it. Researching the cost of features before you start can help avoid unpleasant financial surprises. Look at the costs associated with moving walls, adding electrical fixtures, and bringing in new furniture to outfit your stylish new living space. Even on tight budgets, it is possible to add character and utility to the most humdrum living room.

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