Whether a home has wood siding, aluminum siding, or stucco, frequent repainting should be done every 3 to 7 years.  For homeowners looking to cut down on keeping up with exterior maintenance, COOLWALL® is a virtually maintenance free option.

The Endless Maintenance of Paint

A newly painted house can give a home an instant “facelift” when the outside needs refreshing.  Many homeowners choose to perform this task in spring.  Depending on the type of exterior a home is covered in will dictate the frequency with which repainting will need to be performed.

  • Wood siding – repaint every 3-7 years or restain every 4 years
  • Aluminum siding – repaint every 5 years
  • Stucco – repaint every 5-6 years

Repainting time periods can also be more frequent if HOA standards, especially in a historic district, dictate how frequently a home needs to be repainted to keep the look and feel of a neighborhood.

Paint Maintenance Issues

Frequent prep work, expense, exposed areas, and time are just a few of the negative aspects to painting a home’s exterior.

  • Previous Paint Job – The quality and color of the paint used on the last paint job has a major impact on the durability and length of time a home can go without repainting. The number of coats of paint that were applied at the last painting, the quality of paint used, and if the job was performed on an overcast or sunny day all have an effect on the length of time between repainting.
  • Climate – For homes in areas with hot, humid summers, the sun can cause paint to blister or bubble and fade quicker. Darker colors, synthetic pigments, and oil-based paints fade more quickly than other colors or types of paints.  Harsh winters, frequent storms, sand and salt from ocean breezes can also wear down a paint job quickly.
  • Maintenance – Regular inspection of a home’s exterior can identify rot, mold, dampness, and chalkiness that are keys that a home needs to be repainted. Regular sealing and caulking is necessary during paint jobs.

The COOLWALL® Solution

For homeowners looking to avoid the never-ending maintenance that comes with painting, ProCoating provides a solution:  COOLWALL®.  Giving a home an exterior coating of COOLWALL® can save a homeowner hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in maintenance expenses over the life of a home.  Some benefits over painting include:

  • Unlike the endless series of maintenance and expense connected to repainting a home’s exterior, COOLWALL® does not necessitate any reapplications and is warranted for the lifetime of the home.
  • For those who live in a wet or humid climate, COOLWALL® is moisture and mildew resistant, non-toxic, and guaranteed not to peel or fade.
  • COOLWALL® CLEAR•COTE™ provides an additional layer of protection with extra mildew and UV protection.

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