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Saving Money with Home Improvements

save money with home improvement

Today’s homeowners seek ways of improving the performance of their homes. By adding energy-saving features, homeowners can increase the value of their homes while saving money on utility costs. There are many choices when it comes to energy-saving home improvement projects. Some of these home improvements can pay for themselves over time, while others simply help save money on utility expenses.

One questions many homeowners ask is “How much can energy-efficient home improvements really save?” Let’s explore some of the most popular home improvement projects and the savings associated with them:

Window replacements – by installing Low-E glass windows to replace older single-pane windows, homeowners can see substantial improvements in energy performance and in interior comfort. New windows eliminate pesky drafts that can drive up utility costs. The potential savings of Low-E window installations are between 12% and 33% of annual heating and cooling costs, which translates into money savings of $100 to $274 each year.

Air sealing – adding weatherstripping to doors and windows is an inexpensive method of improving a home’s energy performance. Drafts and air leaks contribute to increased utility costs as the HVAC system needs to run more often to keep interior temperatures comfortable. Weather stripping and caulk cost only a few dollars and a few hours of time to install, but the payoff is tremendous. Homeowners can expect savings of 10-20% on annual heating and cooling bills. This means savings of up to $160 or more each year.

Water-saving toilets – older toilets waste a lot of water with each flush. Modern toilets are designed to flush using a small amount of water – less than a gallon per flush in “WaterSense” toilet models. Over the course of one year, this reduced water use can save as much as $100 on utilities.

Free Home Improvements that Save Money

The above home improvements are not terribly expensive to perform, but homeowners have several free options at their disposal as well. Free savings? You bet! Two of the most energy-saving tips homeowners can do right now are lowering thermostats and lowering water heater temperatures. Yes, it’s that simple. By turning the thermostat up one degree in summer (to 78 degrees) and down by one degree in winter (to 68 degrees), homeowners can save hundreds of dollars in annual utility costs. Turning the water heater to 120 degrees (the industry standard for efficiency) can save as much as $60 each year, reducing up to 22% of costs associated with heating water for use around the home.

Final Words

With these tips, homeowners can slash their monthly utility bills. All that extra savings on water and electricity costs also helps the environment. Get started today on energy-saving home improvements and enjoy substantial reductions in utility costs!


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