Every great project begins with a great idea.  However, many homeowners are not confident in designing a building project.  Hiring an expert design/build firm such as California based Home Construction Solutions can be the solution for many homeowners who need guidance in construction design.

Unlike common contractors in California, Home Construction Solutions is an expert design/build firm.  Instead of hiring countless different companies to complete a building project, hire Home Construction Solutions.  Using one company for all design and building needs is an easy solution to designing and constructing a home exterior project.

Advantages of a Design/Build Firm

For any building project, choosing an all-in-one design/build firm, such as Home Constructions Solutions there are several benefits, such as:

  • Choosing a cohesive team that shares the same goals
  • Working with a firm that has many years of design and building experience
  • A smooth process from start to finish
  • Significant cost savings for homeowners

With over 120 years of combined experience, Home Construction Solutions designers and builders have the skills and knowledge to bring any idea to life.

The Design/Build Process

From start to finish, the entire Home Construction Solutions team provides outstanding service and unrivaled quality.

  • The designers take time to listen to a customer’s ideas, wants, and needs.
  • The process of taking the ideas and turning them into solid creations.
  • Experience in working with both residential and commercial structures, the designers finalize the design and convey their ideas to the construction team.
  • The construction team works closely with the design team to quickly and efficiently complete the job with unrivaled quality.

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