ProCoating offers several products and services for exterior remodeling projects.


Utility bill costs can be drastically decreased with products from COOLLIFE®.   COOLWALL® protective coating is 10 times thicker than average paint and can help homeowners save up to 21.9% on energy costs.  COOLWALL® is superior to regular exterior paint due to durability and functionality.

  • Resistant to fading, peeling, cracking, and chipping
  • Entirely resistant to dust and grime
  • Reduces overall energy consumption on homes by using the same heat reducing cutting-edge technology as used on stealth fighter jets
  • Up to 21.9% overall savings on energy bills
  • Better return on investment than solar power
  • A transferrable lifetime guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to regular exterior house paint
  • Low VOC and heat-reflective properties
  • Available in 570 different heat reflective colors
  • Color matching available
  • Eliminates yearly need to repaint exterior of home


Planning the design of a new home exterior can be a daunting task, especially for the novice.  Therefore, ProCoating provides expert designers who guide homeowners through the designing process and take the guesswork out of making a picturesque home.

Windows and Doors

Windows are a great place to begin the remodeling process.  They bring in natural light and can transform a room from a dark and drab space to a light and bright haven for a family.  Doors, such as patio doors, can add an entire new dimension to any home.  From single hung windows to picture windows to bay windows, ProCoating can help turn any house into a home.


The greatest curb appeal often comes from updating the weathered and damaged exterior of a home.  Siding helps to improve the appearance of a home with durability, energy efficiency, protection, and lifetime beauty.  ProCoating is confident in the durability of all of the different siding options and offers homeowners a lifetime warranty on all siding products.

Energy Audit

The ProCoating experts evaluate homes to assist homeowners in realizing maximum utility savings with our complete line of Coolwall paint, siding, roofing, windows, solar power, and insulation options.  See how the ProCoating team can help homeowners obtain their dream home and have any home improvements pay for itself.

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