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"You get to help the environment, and save money!"


Elk Grove, Ca
"The crew worked very hard all 5 days, and repaired anything that was required. With such a beautiful outcome, I've used them twice."


Milpitas, Ca
"We can contribute to the environment, and also save on our electric bills! Not just that... but our house looks absolutely amazing!"

Johnson Family

Northridge, Ca
"I am so happy with the painting of my house! The lifetime guarantee totally sold me. I figured that if I had it painted just once in 30 years then it was worth doing. There is a depth, a richness of color that you don’t get with standard latex paint. My neighbors are SO jealous!"


A representative will completely inspect the outside walls of your home for deterioration and suspect areas.

Inspection's Tex-Cote certified applicators will trench around your home, this will help eliminate foundation decay and prevent moisture intrusion once COOLWALL® is applied.


Your entire house is pressure washed to remove dirt, stains, loose paint, foreign substrates, mold, mildew and algae.

Water & Sand Blast

Deterioration areas are patched with specially-formulated patching and bonding materials to correct defects and create a sound and uniform surface area.

Repair / Patch

Doors, windows, landscaping and surfaces not to be coated are carefully covered to prevent overspray and provide the most professional-looking job possible.


A thick COOLWALL® primer is applied that will provide an armor-like protective surface to your home’s exterior.

Primer Coat

A careful inspection for proper thickness and uniform appearance of the primer.

Coating Inspection

A smooth or textured finish is applied, which chemically bonds to the primer for a second line of defense against the elements. It adds color and helps reflect the sun’s heat & harmful UV radiation.


Provides added UV protection, mildew protection and dirt resistance. This process is exclusive for Costco Members only.

Coolwall Clear-Cote Finish

Once the surface is coated, all trim areas are covered with a specially-formulated, highly-protective trim paint.


All masking is removed and the area is cleaned of any debris.



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