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Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient windows with drapes

In the home, windows let in light and provide additional ventilation on days when it is not too hot or too cold. Homeowners who wish to upgrade their homes often start with window replacement projects. Upgrading to energy efficient windows offers a lot of bang for the buck; modern windows eliminate drafts, reduce heating and cooling expenses, and add visual appeal to the home’s exterior.

Why Upgrade Windows?

In older homes, windows are often of single-pane construction with wooden frames. Over time, wooden window frames tend to warp and rot, leading to expensive damage. The frames and the panes themselves are not thermally efficient, allowing drafts to enter the home and causing waste in heating and cooling.

Modern windows, on the other hand, offer many benefits to the homeowner. The frames are made of vinyl, vinyl-coating aluminum, or even steel. They are stable, allowing the window to open and close smoothly. Further, they are sealed from the elements. The window panes themselves have also seen improvements in technology. Multiple panes, heat-reflective coatings, and thermal barriers all work to eliminate drafts and to reflect the heat of the sun away from the interior of the home.

By replacing windows, a homeowner can save significant costs on utility bills. Eliminating drafts and reflecting the sun’s heat reduces the need for heating and cooling, lowering monthly bills. And, modern window replacements can add substantial value to the home.

The Window Replacement Process

To replace windows, it is best to seek the help of a qualified home improvement contractor. This helps to ensure that the right windows are chosen for the specific needs and desires of the homeowner. With so many styles, sizes, and types available, the choice can be daunting.

The window openings are carefully measured, then replacement windows are selected and installed. Homeowners may have the option of increasing the size of some window openings, allowing more light to enter the home. Changing window configurations can also change the appearance of the home, both inside and out. You can personalize the look of your home with new windows, reflecting your sense of style perfectly.

In states with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, homeowners can take advantage of this financing to upgrade existing windows to energy-efficient models. Attractive interest rates and repayment terms make it incredibly easy to make smart, energy-saving upgrades to the home. A qualified home contractor can provide more information on PACE financing.

Saving money on utilities is great. Reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is also an added benefit of replacing existing windows with modern energy-efficient models. Add value and functionality to your home while saving money on electricity and gas bills with new windows today!


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